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Chronic Dementia Prevalence And Care Among The Elderly In Beijing

Older people living in rural areas of Beijing face more challenges than their urban counterparts when it comes to accessing quality healthcare.

Framework for Dementia Care Partners’ Fall Risk Management

The multi-domain/stage framework derived from this study can inform to effectively engage care partners in managing fall risk for community-dwelling OLWD.

Assistive Technology and Telecare for Dementia and their Caregivers

Assistive Technology and Telecare (ATT) is a key component in facilitation of safer, longer, and independent living for people with dementia (PwD).

Treatment Needs of Dementia Patients Study in Japan

This survey examined treatment needs of dementia with Lewy bodies patients & their caregivers, and the extent to which the attending physicians understand these treatment needs.

Family Caregiver Quality of Life Qualitative Analyses Interviews

A study found the need for support for family caregivers and older people living with dementia, particularly during and post-pandemic.

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