MedAir Air Purifier

German MedAir medical air treatment unit, professional, medical design, trendy. Purify indoor polluted air efficiently. All-round protect you and your family.

  • 504 series: area for at most 600 sq.feet
  • 601 series: area for at most 900 sq.feet

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Beyond the same level of air purifier, MedAir has high cost-effective value. It resolves air pollutants that others cannot handle:

  • Washable purification filter tank design. No need to replace. Strong, durable, easy to care.
  • Can filter 0.01 to 0.3 microns inhalable suspended particulates, including fine mist and haze.
  • By extremely effective and safe high-voltage electrostatic carbonation principle, kill bacteria and viruses immediately.
  • Effective decomposition of harmful chemical gases and odor.
  • Real-time monitoring PM2.5 level.
  • 24-hour intelligent time operation program settings.
  • Ultra-quiet and energy-saving design; purification effect test reports; 5-speed wind speed regulation and automatic air monitoring operation.
  • 5 body color panel selection. Can equip with remote control.
  • Provide effective use in the large area by 4 models from 2 series.
  • Product confidence: 3 years of electronic components and 5 years of free maintenance.
  • Removable pulley for different places to use.


2 Series, 4 Models

MEDAIR intelligent air purifier design 2 series 504 (400-600 feet) and 601 (600-900 feet) and four models to address different environmental requirements: ElectroMed, MediaMed, ChemMed, CarbonMed. Each model is designed with four independent filter chambers. Not only remove tiny dust particles PM2.5 and PM10, but also kill micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) and remove unpleasant smell and harmful chemical gases in the air such as volatile organic compounds TVOC and Formaldehyde HCHO, etc. In ElectroMed, Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is designed specifically for handling indoor second-hand smoke problems. As a killer of second-hand smoke and other contaminants, it can remove 99% fine particles up to 0.01 μm from your chamber. (General HEPA filter can only remove larger than 0.3μm particles which cannot remove second-hand smoke effectively).

Main filter is professional stainless steel Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) which used for particulate contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, smoke, PM2.5 and haze, that are as small as 0.01 microns.

4 filters module

Main filter is Honeycomb Activated Carbon which focused on harmful gas and odor, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other volatile organic compounds founded in decorated materials.

4 filters module

Main filter is high effective True HEPA Filter which focused on fine particulate matter up to 0.3 microns such as bacteria, PM2.5 and haze.

4 filters module

Main filter is Honeycomb Metal Catalyst Chemical Filter which focused on permanent harmful gases and odor.

4 filters module

Perfect combination of parts and purification zone

MEDAIR uses patented magnetic induction motor that operates extremely quietly and allows the airflow introduce contaminated air into the interior of the machine more efficiently. Including nano-silver antibacterial purification, the main layer of enhanced purification chamber (4 different purification champer), nano-photocatalyst purification area (PCO) and energy-saving environmental protection LED Ultra-Violet UV light. Finally, the built-in plasma generator will provide a large number of (+ / -) plasma (Plasma) to the indoor air for disinfecting indoor air which become more fresh.

German MedAir leaflet (Hong Kong)

All-round air purification function

MedAir intelligent air purifier can remove volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, smoke, odor, dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen and air mites and other health effects of pollutants effectively. Fresh air after treatment and clean can improve our immune system, lung and heart function, improve metabolic efficiency and sleep quality which protect our health.

German MedAir leaflet (China)

German MedAir leaflet (China)

Multiple tests and safety certificates

All MedAir products have been certified by CE, ROHS, ISO9001, CQC, CNAS and IAF in Europe or globally. Independent and rigorous performance test report have proved their purification efficiency.

German MedAir PM2.5 purification efficiency (45min)

German MedAir PM2.5 purification efficiency (45min)

German MedAir PM2.5 PM10 purification efficiency (90 days)

German MedAir PM2.5 PM10 purification efficiency (90 days)

German MedAir gaseous chemical pollutants purification efficiency

German MedAir gaseous chemical pollutants purification efficiency

User Comment

“High recommended. MedAir air purifier is a German brand. It uses the electrostatic principle. High efficiency and no consumables. It can save a lot of follow-up costs. Compared to the same air volume purifiers in the market, it is relatively cheap, smaller power consumption and less noise. It can open for whole day. Besides, it has a long warranty. No need to worry about the maintenance. Electrostatic of MedAir can absorb 0.01 microns pollutants while traditional filters can only filter 0.3 microns.  Small particles can pass through your lung and flow to the blood directly. Traditional filters may have secondary pollution. MedAir 6000 voltage electrostatic instantaneous absorbed and carbonated bacteria. Home mites also no longer exists.”

“German MedAir medical grade air purifiers do not replace filters. It can wash ion box directly. No ozone released. High efficiency. It is a great products for home and office.”

Additional information

Weight25 kg
Dimensions625 × 430 × 260 cm

Grey, White, Red, Green, Black


504-CarbonMed, 504-ChemMed, 504-ElectroMed, 504-MediaMed, 601-CarbonMed, 601-ChemMed, 601-ElectroMed, 601-MediaMed, Removable Pulley


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