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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

A peer-reviewed journal offering rapid publication and wide diffusion in the public domain of high-quality articles in the field of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL).

Hearing Loss: Patient-caregiver Dyad Effects On Quality Of Life

This study emphasizes that the QoL for patients and their caregivers was directly related to the coping strategies they used.

Double ABCX Model Of Caregiver Stressors And Perceived Resources

Caregiver adaptation to a dystrophinopathy diagnosis can be optimized by increased control, supporting resources, and creation of a healthy family identity.

Factors Associated HRQoL Among Chinese Community Caregivers

Described health-related quality of life among Chinese caregivers of the older adults living in the community and explore the predictors of caregivers’ HRQoL.

QoL In The Parents Of Children With Chronic Disease

The aim of this study was development, evaluation and validation of a new instrument: Quality of Life in a Child’s Chronic Disease Questionnaire (QLCCDQ).

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